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(Note: All prices listed are in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS)
To view amounts converted into your native currency please visit To view our ordering FAQ please click here. All Products are sold in 1kg (2.2lbs) packages only.

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Whey Protein Isolate
@ AU$29/kg
Whey Protein Concentrate
@ AU$16/kg
L-Glutamine (Out of Stock)
@ AU$28/kg
Creatine Monohydrate
@ AU$16/kg
Piracetam (Not Avail. in Australia)
@ AU$45/kg
Casein Protein Isolate
@ AU$25/kg
Soy Protein Isolate
@ AU$16/kg
Maltodextrin Pure Carbohydrate
@ AU$7/kg
BCAA: Branched Chain Amino Acids
@ AU$39/kg

0 kg
@AU$ 0

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Sunday 24, October 2021

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NATIONAL Shipping to Australian Customers

National Shipping to Australian Customers is calculated in 3kg blocks that carry a shipping cost of AU$15.90 per 3kg.

That means that if you place an order for 1, 2 or 3 kgs of powder you will still need to pay AU$15.90 for shipping.

Therefore we recommend purchasing in multiples of 3kg to maximise the value that you have to pay for shipping. Eg: 3kg, 6kg, 9kg, 12kg etc.

All orders are shipped via Express Post ONLY to ensure our ability to track all packages sent.

STANDARD 10-15 Day Delivery INTERNATIONAL Shipping Charges:

Refer to your Selected Country and Method of delivery for Applicable charges
Weight (kg) Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone D
Upto 1kg AU$13.02 AU$15.24 AU$18.24 AU$18.59
Upto 2kg AU$25.00 AU$29.44 AU$35.44 AU$36.14
Upto 3kg AU$31.51 AU$40.37 AU$51.14 AU$63.02
Upto 4kg AU$37.71 AU$48.36 AU$62.69 AU$78.36
Upto 5kg AU$43.91 AU$56.35 AU$74.24 AU$93.70
Upto 6kg AU$50.11 AU$64.34 AU$85.79 AU$109.04
Upto 7kg AU$56.31 AU$72.33 AU$97.34 AU$124.38
Upto 8kg AU$62.51 AU$80.32 AU$108.89 AU$139.72
Upto 9kg AU$68.71 AU$88.31 AU$120.44 AU$155.06
Upto 10kg AU$74.91 AU$96.30 AU$131.99 AU$170.40
Upto 11kg AU$81.11 AU$104.29 AU$143.54 AU$185.74
Upto 12kg AU$87.31 AU$112.28 AU$155.09 AU$201.08
Upto 13kg AU$93.51 AU$120.27 AU$166.64 AU$216.42
Upto 14kg AU$99.71 AU$128.26 AU$178.19 AU$231.76
Upto 15kg AU$105.91 AU$136.25 AU$189.74 AU$247.10
Upto 16kg AU$112.11 AU$144.24 AU$201.29 AU$262.44
Upto 17kg AU$118.31 AU$$152.23 AU$212.84 AU$277.78
Upto 18kg AU$124.51 AU$160.22 AU$224.39 AU$293.12
ECI 3-7 Day Delivery INTERNATIONAL Shipping Charges:

Refer to your Selected Country and Method of delivery for Applicable charges
Weight (kg) Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone D
Upto 1kg AU$37.15 AU$40.99 AU$45.21 AU$48.68
Upto 2kg AU$44.20 AU$50.83 AU$57.76 AU$63.81
Upto 3kg AU$51.25 AU$60.67 AU$70.31 AU$78.94
Upto 4kg AU$58.30 AU$70.51 AU$82.86 AU$94.07
Upto 5kg AU$65.35 AU$80.35 AU$95.41 AU$109.20
Upto 6kg AU$72.40 AU$90.19 AU$107.96 AU$124.33
Upto 7kg AU$79.45 AU$100.03 AU$120.51 AU$139.46
Upto 8kg AU$86.50 AU$109.87 AU$133.06 AU$154.59
Upto 9kg AU$93.55 AU$119.71 AU$145.61 AU$169.72
Upto 10kg AU$100.60 AU$129.55 AU$158.16 AU$184.85
Upto 11kg AU$107.65 AU$139.39 AU$170.71 AU$199.98
Upto 12kg AU$114.70 AU$149.23 AU$183.26 AU$215.11
Upto 13kg AU$121.75 AU$159.07 AU$195.81 AU$230.24
Upto 14kg AU$128.80 AU$168.91 AU$208.36 AU$245.37
Upto 15kg AU$135.85 AU$178.75 AU$220.91 AU$260.50
Upto 16kg AU$142.90 AU$188.59 AU$233.46 AU$275.63
Upto 17kg AU$149.95 AU$198.43 AU$246.01 AU$290.76
Upto 18kg AU$157.00 AU$208.27 AU$258.56 AU$305.89
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Pictures are for ilustrative purpose only. All orders are sent in 1kg sealed packages.

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