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This is the ultimate budget protein powder!

It contains the highest bioavailabe quality protein in the world - whey protein. It has no inferior proteins, sugars, fillers or colours added. It is PURE protein of the highest grade!

Whey Protein Concentrate contains such pure protein, it is the only brand in the world that can be used all the way to the day of a competition!

Each 100g of our whey protein isolate contains 82g of whey protein.

It has no taste - it mixes instantly in water, juice or milk, without the need of a blender. It can also be added to cooking.

It does not cause any bloating, gas or upset stomach, like all other inferior brands of protein do!

You owe it to yourself to see what a REAL HIGH QUALITY WHEY product is like!

No other protein supplement in the world compares to our whey protein.

Please read certificate of analysis regarding Whey Protein Concentrate



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Sunday 24, October 2021

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